Pomeroy Cellars

Boutique Winery and Tasting Room

In addition to our boutique hand crafted wines we offer snacks
and non-alcoholic beverages.

Other beverages:

Crater Lake Rootbeer Portland, OR

Locally roasted french press coffee, made to order.


Sant Aniol sparkling mineral water, 375 ml

The Sant Aniol natural spring flows through the Girona region of La Garrotxa, Spain, at a depth of over 55 metres. A source that emerges from a landscape dominated by lava sediment and volcanic rock, giving Sant Aniol its characteristic purity and excellent qualities.

PURITY VOLCANIC: Sant Aniol water presents a balanced mineral composition so that the combination of its components cooperate to facilitate the purification of the body, helps prevent urinary tract infections to reduce uric acid and cholesterol.
On the other hand, the low sodium content makes it suitable for low sodium diets and treatments to control hypertension.



We offer small, single serve snack plates:

-Hummus and GF chips

-Dried fruit, nuts and cheese (GF)

Guests are welcomed and encouraged to bring picnics.