' Pomeroy Cellars - About Us

About Us

We are a boutique winery and tasting room in Clark County Washington. We produce aproximatley 500 cases per year. We make small runs that include a selection of grape wines ranging from Big Reds such as our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to the sweeter whites of our Riesling. All made from grapes grown in the state of Washington.

We also produce Hard Apple Cider made in a traditional method and is dry and still. We have other fruit wines such as Blackberry and Rhubarb made from fruit grown right here on the Pomeroy Farm.

Whether you are a wine loving “purist” strictly loyal to grape wine or consider yourself more of a unique soul avoiding all things “conventional,” we've got something for everyone.

If you are interested in making a whole day of your trek to North Clark County you will be delighted to note that we are in close proximity to multiple hiking and nature trails as well as numerous other wineries. You are welcome to bring a picnic.

Meet Our Wine Maker: Daniel Brink

Dan is fifth generation Pomeroy. He is the Great-Great Grandson of E.C. Pomeroy, founder of Pomeroy Farm. Dan's interest in wine began while he was in college at Washington State University. With little exposure to the world of wine, and very few expectations, Dan enrolled in a wine tasting class provided by the School of Hospitality. By the end of the course the seeds of Dan's passion for wine had been planted. He saw the potential success of bringing a winery to the family farm. Still, it would be many years before he would see that idea come to fruition.

Following University Dan pursued different career paths, including that of Professional Golfer, but eventually ended up back at the family farm. Dan still had visions of a winery, but in the mean time designed and implemented a plan to host weddings and major events. The Pomeroy Farm is now a regional destination for weddings and the like.

Dan began working with alongside other wineries to gain experience and pursue his passion for making wine. He soon after began making his own wine and circulating it through the family with informal tastings. Dan took part in the Washington State AgForestry Leadership Program and made other contacts within the wine industry and this facilitated connections with with wonderful producers and growers throughout the state of Washington. The idea of a winery began to take hold and Dan didn't let up.

Now with the the blessings of the family and the heritage of the Pomeroy name, Dan turned his dream that had been fermenting for more than a decade into Pomeroy Cellars. Pomeroy Cellars' first commercial wine release took place May 2014 and consisted of 2012 red vintages and 2013 white vintages. The beautiful 1920's inspired tasting room opened in September 2014. If you stop by the tasting room chances are you'll meet Dan.